Kings of Clean | Our Team


Jesse Carpenter is the co-owner and founder of Kings of Clean Exterior Cleaning. He’s gone from the guy cleaning the gutters and answering the phone to the guy that oversees the people cleaning the gutters and answering the phones. He’s the Gutter Cleaning Big Kahuna, if you will. Outside of life from the gutter cleaning world, Jesse spends a lot of time keeping up with his two daughters and twin toddler sons. He loves the Cincinnati Bengals, UK Wildcat basketball, Ohio State football, and playing board games. He is also a musician that leads worship at his church.



Grant Dawson joined the Gutter Boys team in 2013 as the office manager and co-owner. He is the last person you would ever want doing your gutter cleaning, as he is afraid of heights and isn’t very good with his hands. However, he loves spreadsheets, accounting, and creating efficient systems, which makes him an important cog in theKings of Clean wheel. When he’s not putting together a new PowerPoint training, he loves playing and watching sports. Grant is the father of three “tweens”, including twins. He is also the founder and director of Reset Ministries, a local non-profit which Kings of Clean strongly supports.



Lauren Burtnett is the Executive Manager of the Kings of Clean. In other words, she’s the one that makes sure everything is done right and on time. She recently set the world record for amount of work accomplished in one day, so if you talk to her on the phone you may have to ask her to slow down. Besides being uber-productive, Lauren likes spending time with her two boys–especially if it involves some kind of outdoor, thrill-seeking activity. Lauren also likes reading (fast, of course) and has a heart to help people in recovery.