Why Should I Pressure Wash My Deck? Slip and Fall Prevention.

Slipping and sliding across your deck may seem like fun, but for those of us who tend to fall… well, it isn’t.
When the deck is wet, it can be quite slippery. Add in some grim and it can be dangerous. When your deck gets a slimy feel to it, you could be on your way to a lawsuit if someone gets hurt on it. The best way to protect your deck, others and yourself, is to hire a professional to come and pressure wash your decks routinely throughout the year.
Despite best efforts to stop the build up on deck surfaces, it tends to happen naturally. Weather, foot traffic, usage or aging can all relate to how often the build-up can happen and how often you should have your deck treated.

The buildup can consist of mud, dirt, oil, food and drink spills, mold, and algae. Those are just a few examples of potential layers that can cause the danger of a slip and fall situation. Without treating your deck to clean up the build up, these conditions can expose you, your family, customers, or visitors/guest to a pretty bad fall. Pressure washing the surface can provide not only aesthetic benefits, but also decreases the chance of a bad situation.

Aside from slip and fall issues, you may not see what buildup can be causing your deck underneath. If you do not properly maintain your deck, mold and algae can grow. Mold and algae can damage wood planks by causing cracks or warping. This can lead to some pretty pricey repairs. In the long run, you save some money by having your deck's pressure washed.
From a business aspect: Pressure washing your deck flooring reduces your legal liability by removing substances that can easily result in a slip or fall. You may not be able to see and/or feel all dangerous surface areas, but they can be lingering. You cannot prevent the danger, but you can easily resolve it. Do not set yourself up for a lawsuit related to injury as a result of a slip and fall.