3 Main Roof Problems Caused by Clogged Gutters

If you have been procrastinating cleaning out the gutters for the last two weeks, you should know that there are some serious potential consequences. Clogged gutters are the single greatest cause of basement water leaks. This is because rain gets trapped, overflows, and dumps right next to the foundation of your home. From there the water will begin to seep into the cement, negotiating its way through cracks and crevices until it ends up all over your basement. Mold, property damage, and foundational instability all become possible consequences. Here are some other reasons to hire the best professional home gutter cleaning Cincinnati-based companies to clean or repair your gutters.

Gutter Damage
Besides the very real potential for flooding and interior damage to your home, gutters themselves can break under enough stress. If this happens you will likely need a box gutter repair service. This isn't too expensive, but it would be cheaper to just have your gutters cleaned in the first place.

Roof Damage
This could be even worse than the gutters breaking. Too much water accumulation on the roof will weigh the gutters down. Since they are attached to the roof at the point the rainwater accumulates, your shingles or the wooden roof beneath them could be weakened. Roof repair is no joke and will take time and money to complete.

Rot is the source of structural instability. If the rainwater causes rot, either on your roof or in the foundation of the house, you might need to consult with a structural engineer to see if your home is safe to live in. Rot is also another source of mold, so be wary of contaminants in your home.

None of the problems associated with clogged gutters should be shrugged off. The potential damage could amount to more money and effort than you can imagine. That's why maintaining clean gutters is so important. When looking for the company that does the home gutter cleaning Cincinnati trusts, most people find their way to us. We take the utmost care of your gutters, scouring them until they are not only unclogged but truly clean. If you need gutter cleaning services, call today before any further damage occurs.