4 Power Washing Tips to Prepare for the Holidays

With the holidays approaching fast, you want to make sure your Cincinnati, Ohio, home is looking elegant and beautiful on the inside when hosting holiday dinners and parties. But, what about the exterior of the home? You also want to make sure it is clean and looking brand new for all the guests that will be arriving at your home. The easiest way to do this is to perform power washing to your home to remove any grit or grime. In this short guide, you will be informed of the top four power washing tips to prepare for the holidays.

1. Plan accordingly When you are going to be hosting for the holidays, many tasks need to be accomplished. While we tend to focus on the inside of the home with cleaning, decorating, preparing desserts, and meal planning, you also need to focus on the outside of the home, particularly, the dirt and grime on the exterior of the home. If you start planning now and make a timeline of events that need to be completed, you will be able to achieve the pressure washing of your home in advance while still finishing the rest of the tasks at hand.

2. Rank importance The next tip when pressure washing your home for the holidays is to rank the importance of the focus. Instead of pressure washing the back deck when no one is going to be out there, focus on cleaning the front of the house as well as the front door and windows. If you concentrate your pressure washing on the significant areas that the guests will see and interact with, you will have a house that is gleaming and shiny. If you find you have more time than expected after completing the front of the house, then start working on the sides of the home and eventually the back of the home. This will allow you to have a clean and functional place while prioritizing.

3. Have the proper tools ready The next tip when power washing your home for the holidays is to have the correct tools available. This will include a ladder, a power washing machine, solution to clean with, goggle, gloves, boots, a garden hose, access to water, and a friend or neighbor to assist you. If you have never performed a power wash of your home before, you may want to call a local handyman to help you the first time. Too high of water pressure can affect the roofing, the gutters, and the exterior painting of your home.

4. Utilize the power washing professionals The last tip when power washing your home for the holidays is to call in the professionals if you run out of time or you encounter an issue you are not prepared to handle. If you accidentally spray the HVAC or the chimney, repairs may be needed. If your water pressure is too high, you can damage your home. Call in a professional gutter team who can perform the job for a reasonable cost and who can complete the task promptly. As you can see, there are multiple tips when power washing your home for the holidays. Whether you plan accordingly, rank importance, have the proper tools ready, or utilize the professionals, your Cincinnati, Ohio, home's exterior will be shiny and clean for the holiday arrival of all your guests!