Clean the Pollen from Your Home

Pollen can get into the smallest of spaces and cause homeowners quite some grief when it comes to cleaning.  By maintaining a pollen free home, your space will be more aesthetically pleasing and healthier for you and your loved ones.


What can it really do?


Having a window open on a nice day allows pollen to come into your home and can trigger those awful allergies.  We could all use a break from keeping tissues in our pockets and sneezing, so cleaning your home’s interior to minimize pollen is essential. However, don’t stop there.  Pollen can get into outdoor furniture, porches, railings and decks as well.


How do I prevent pollen build up?


Purchase covers for your outdoor furniture. By placing covers on your items that stay outside, you won’t have to worry about much pollen getting onto them. You can just pull the cover off and do some light cleaning. If it is nice outside and you want to open your windows, check your local weather report. If the pollen count is going to be particularly high that day, take a pass on having the windows open.


How do you get rid of pollen build up?

Inside your home, you can reduce the amount of pollen impacting your air quality by dusting and cleaning on a regular basis.  For your outdoor surfaces, you’ll need more power to combat the ongoing exposure.  Pressure washing your decks, patios, and siding is the best way to eliminate pollen and breathe easy.



Before you go out and rent a pressure washer, give us a call.  Pressure washing can be laborious and even dangerous, so let us clean your home while you enjoy the results.  When you need the best pressure washing Cincinnati has to offer, call Kings of Clean at 513-806-9077!