Clogged Gutters can Cause Pricey Damage to Your Home's Exterior

When it comes to your home's condition, the gutters play a bigger role than you may realize. Clean gutters filter out rainwater efficiently, directing it away from your home and yard. But when the gutters are clogged, they are unable to release this water properly. Remember that this water builds up and can do some major damage to your home.

The Consequences Of Clogged Gutters
Clogged and dirty gutters aren't just unsightly; they also pose a major risk for your home and your family. The following are just some of the most common consequences of clogged gutters.

    • Mold Growth: When water accumulates on the roof and in the gutters, mold can grow easily. While the mold starts on the outside of the home, it can easily spread to the inside. And this can make your family sick. In fact, according to Mayo Clinic, about 93% of chronic sinus infections can be attributed to mold.


    • Basement Flooding: Clogged gutters are unable to handle rainfall. So, the water essentially runs off of the roof and onto the ground. This standing water then accumulates around the foundation and can end up in your basement.


    • Wood Rot: This water can also seep into your siding, porch beams, and other wooden features. When water sits on wood, it causes it to rot and weaken. This can lead to major structural issues around your home.


  • Ice Dams: In places that experience cold weather, water that does not drain from the gutter can freeze inside instead. This can lead to ice dams and further exterior damage.

How Can I Prevent These Issues?
While the consequences of clogged gutters can be severe, they are certainly preventable. By sticking to a gutter cleaning schedule, you can keep your gutters as clear as possible. Depending on the foliage and average rainfall in your area, you should schedule a cleaning two to four times per year. To decide on a schedule that fits your home's needs, contact a local gutter professional for an inspection and cleaning.

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