An Easier Way to Parking Lot Cleaning

An Easier Way to Parking Lot Cleaning

Maintaining a parking lot doesn't sound like a very complicated task. You just need to make sure there are no obstructions on the entrances and exits, right?

Well, it can be a little bit more involved than that. Parking lot cleaning does take some thought. At times, snowplowing during the excessively snowy season or clearing trash is part of the deal. Keeping your parking lot safe is another important factor. Some commercial parking lots have been called "virtual crime magnets,"  and you definitely don't want yours to be one, too. The first and most obvious maintenance aspect is how clean your parking lot is. This will depend on the conditions which the concrete in your parking lot is exposed to on a regular basis, including weather factors. These include extreme temperatures, debris, fall leaves, dust, sun, hail, rain and snow. With the changing weather over the seasons, extreme temperature changes can really take its toll on concrete, causing cracks and overall damage. Parking lot cleaning may actually reveal some future problems. Another big factor to take into consideration is the amount of traffic and use of your lot. Is it a busy commercial area in downtown Cincinnati? Are you planning on placing concrete during the colder months? Does it get busier in a certain time of the year? Do you need to care for store walls and ceilings in addition to floors?

Defining the Work to be Done

Taking all these factors that play into the picture will determine how often your parking lot cleaning will need to be scheduled, and what kind of cleaning has to be done. Janitors and building maintenance personnel can perform some of these periodic parking lot cleanings. Other work  for parking lot cleaning can include necessary clearing to maintain proper conditions for pedestrians to access your premises. This cleaning can include the removal of snow, fall leaves, trash, or debris left on the sidewalks and in the parking lot itself. Some of this work can be outsourced so you won't have to do it, but staying on top of it is crucial to maintain a good aspect of your commercial space. Other kind of work, however, will include stain removal and deeper concrete cleaning.

Concrete Cleaning

Cement or concrete cleaning can be fairly easily done. It takes time and knowing what kind of stains you're removing. Water can easily get rid of most dirt out of the concrete, and this is the most recommended action for light maintenance. However, you might need certain cleaning agents at times to remove stains that are harder to remove, such as rust, oil, and grease. Hiring someone with the knowledge of the agents needed to perform concrete cleaning is also a possibility.  This will save you valuable time and resources to maintain a nice parking lot available for your customers. Some of these stains can be avoided by simple actions. Having someone remove stains from your parking lot can be convenient for you. But it's more efficient to keep parking lots clean and clear of metallic items for longer periods of time, or to treat grease stains as soon as you soon as you see them. The longer it takes for the stain to be removed, the deeper it will seep into the concrete.