Ladder Safety Essentials

We thought this post from Woods Hardware, a hardware store chain that’s local to our area here in Cincinnati, was particularly helpful and might be worth a read to those of you who follow our blog here.

We spend a great deal of our time going up and down ladders, so we can attest to several of these tips as being quite accurate. It can be tempting when working on a ladder, especially if you have an involved day long project, to take it easy on safety rules. Unfortunately, when people get busy, you begin to feel like “maybe it doesn’t matter” or wonder how much risk it really is. One of the biggest is the question of carrying tools up the ladder. You might think it’s okay to carry a drill or a handful of clips while climbing the ladder, but you’ll be surprised if you slip and suddenly find you can’t use your hand fast enough to catch yourself. Instead, take a bucket, load it up with your tools, then use a rope to pull it up. Most ladders will have a hook or stabilizer bar you can use as a pulley point for this, that way you’re not risking tripping by running the rope over a step on the ladder.

Footwear is important as well, since it determines your traction on the ladder itself. This is a tip that’s usually easier for most people to get on board with. Chances are, you’re not working outside in your slippers anyway. But it’s worth remembering that while your favorite pair of work boots may have served you well over the years, if the soles are wearing thin, it might be time to trade them in. The rule given for having someone to help with the ladder is also usually easier to follow. Chances are, if you’ve got a job that needs a ladder, you’re already asking someone for help anyways.

We hope you do enjoy the read, we found the article a good reminder!