Make It or Break It With Deck Cleaning

You've probably used your deck a lot over the years, especially during those nice cool summer evenings. It might have been playing with your kids, reading a good book. Or during the fall and winter afternoons while you wait for the sunset with the help of a heater, and you have friends and family over for a meal. You set up your grill, relax and just have a good time. After you're done, and the space is cleared out, you notice a couple of gritty boards on the deck floor. You really don't remember the last time you gave it a good deck cleaning , but it would be a good idea to start.

Cleaning It Up A deck or a porch is a relatively small investment to increase your house's living space while at the same time providing a perfect setting for gatherings outside. While a deck can be easily cleaned and dusted with a broom, a scrub, and water. But is this enough? Sometimes the dust has settled so much over the months that it has turned into grime, and it has stuck so much into the wood that a scrub won't do the trick.

Enter the Pressure Washing Machine This tool is a fantastic way to deep clean the wood on your deck, porch, wood columns, etc. Besides, it can make deck cleaning fun. It's such a gratifying sight when you see the grime literally fading away with periodic low pressure washing. Sometimes this will also avoid the growth of mold and mildew, since the fall leaves and debris will sometimes build moisture on the wood. Even preservative treated wood can grow mold and mildew if it's left uncared for. For this, you can use a mildew removal formula. After the pressure washing and mold treatment has been finished, it's time to apply a water repellent. This will avoid moisture buildup and it's recommended to be applied every year two days after the mold and mildew solution.

Special Care Over the change of seasons, the sun, snow and rain can damage and age the deck wood if left uncared for. With proper care and a protective treatment, your deck can look great and make an elegant accent to your property. However, some people will opt for a natural look if it's a specific kind of wood, especially cedar. Of course, this is only possible if the location is appropriate and it's not likely to grow mold and weather the wood. In the case your deck becomes damaged, the cost of its repairs can go up really fast the longer you neglect its care. Deck repair is more usual in areas that have the combination of excessive moisture and freezing temperatures. Ask around, inform yourself, make an appointment with your deck cleaning specialist, and guarantee yourself fresh air and good company in the comfort of your own house for years to come.