How Often Should You Power Wash Your Commercial Property?

How Often Should You Pressure Wash Your Commercial Property?

Do you have a commercial property or business building that gets grimy and dirty from the harsh everyday climate? You want to keep your property looking clean and fresh, but does it feel like you no more get commercial power washing completed and it looks grimy again? If so, do not despair! In this short guide, you will be informed on how often you should have pressure washing done on your commercial property in the Cincinnati, Ohio area.

1. At season change

A good time to schedule a pressure washing on your commercial property would be when the seasons change. This is important to do because leaves and scattered dust can accumulate on the siding of your commercial property. You can also wash off pollen from the spring and summer seasons which is critical for those customers who are allergy sufferers. Giving a good once over after winter is over is also imperative to remove any salt or sand that might have gotten blown up on your siding and walkways from the snow plows in the Cincinnati area.

2. On a regular basis

A commercial property should get a complete professional pressure washing on a regular basis. What constitutes a regular basis? That depends on your corporation. Do they schedule monthly cleanings? How much traffic does your facility have? Is it in the budget for quarterly washings? Is it set up for twice a year? Once per year? These would all be considered on a regular basis, but it really depends on the firm you work for or own on how often commercial power washing is included in the budget.

3. After storms

If you have ever hired a handyman to complete roofing fixes, HVAC repair, painting, cleaning of the gutters, or remodeling after a storm, you know the dirt and debris that a high-powered storm in the Cincinnati area can bring with it. One good rule of thumb is to perform professional commercial power washing after storms to remove the plant foliage, leaves, dirt, grime, and other debris that has been whipped up onto the commercial building and windows.

4. More frequently for industrial areas

If your commercial property is in an industrial area or if you perform factory work that gives off a lot of dust or debris, you may need to have pressure washings completed more often than most other commercial properties. In addition, if your business is in the middle of a construction zone, you may also need to perform commercial power washings more often due to the dirt in the air that becomes trapped in your building, siding, and windows. As you can see, there are quite a few reasons as to why you would want to get commercial power washing completed on your business property. Whether due to season changes, storms, or location, pressure washing your business building will keep the commercial property looking reputable and professional. If you follow our advice on how often you should complete power washing on your commercial property, customers will be coming back day after day, which means increased profits for you!