Is It Time to Have My Deck Cleaned?

Your deck might very well be covered with leaves right now, and a proper deck cleaning may be the last thing on your mind. However, it's never too early to start thinking ahead to next year. Even if you think it's too late to tackle problem issues on your deck before the first snow falls, there are some warning signs that you should keep in mind for when it warms up again.

If you notice your deck has any one of these three features, you'll want to use a deck cleaning service or deck repair company to take care of these problems ASAP.

  • Algae or mold It's fairly common to see black algae or mold growing on decks, but it's definitely not something you should ignore. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, wholly 100% of all mold types hold the potential to cause negative health effects. Therefore, you shouldn't overlook the importance of removal or try to remove these growths yourself. Not only will household cleaners like bleach be totally ineffective, but mold can be a sign of more significant problems to come, like wood rot. You'll want an expert to give you an opinion of the damage and an assessment of how difficult it might be to remove. Luckily, deck cleaning can take care of the problem if it's caught early enough (and will make your deck look as good as new).
  • Warped or uneven boardsOver time, your deck will most likely warp a little due to temperature changes and moisture. But just because this happens a lot doesn't mean that it's okay. This warping can cause individual boards to move away from each other and even pull nails out. Not only do these loose boards and nails present a big safety hazard, but warping can often impact the structural integrity of your deck. At best, you might stub your toe or get pricked by a nail. At worst, the whole deck might be affected and could eventually lead to a structural collapse. It's a whole lot easier to fix warping planks before the whole deck gets out of whack. If you notice that your deck is uneven, get those repairs taken care of as soon as possible.
  • DiscolorationIf you see uneven staining on your deck, it's likely that the stain or sealant you had on your deck has worn off. This can be an unhealthy situation for your deck, as a lack of sealant can leave the wood vulnerable to water and weather elements. Plus, the effect isn't very visually appealing. The way to fix this is to remove what sealant is left, do a deck cleaning, and re-seal the deck. If you use your deck a lot, we recommend that you re-stain or re-seal your deck every two or three years. If you think your deck is looking a little worse for wear -- or simply can't remember the last time you had a staining or sealing done -- call us to take a look.

Whether you're in dire need of some gutter cleaning or want to plan ahead for deck cleaning in the spring or summer, we're here to help make your home look its very best. To find out more about the services we offer -- including house washing, roof cleaning, driveway sealing, and more, get in touch with us today.