Should I Repair or Replace my Driveway?

Keeping up with your driveway maintenance schedule can be simple with the right knowledge. One of the key decisions homeowners make with their driveways is whether to repair or replace to address damage. Similar to your rain gutters and roof, driveways can sustain too much damage for a simple repair. While simple concrete driveway cleaning may be the answer, the surface may have to be completely redone under certain circumstances. Use this guide to help you make these tricky decisions.

Problem: Winter Cracking

Solution: Repair

If you live in a climate with harsh winters, driveway maintenance on cracks may be standard once spring rolls around. Kings of Clean can address this problem by sealing your driveway.

Problem: Old Driveway

Solution: Replace

Concrete driveways usually last about 30 years and asphalt lasts about 20, so excessive damage to your driveway could just be a sign of age. Rather than trying to extend its life past expectancy, consider having it redone.

Problem: Potholes

Solution: Repair

If pulling out of your driveway is a bumpy ride, it is likely time for a driveway repair. Just as we can fill in driveway cracks, we may also be to able to take care of those potholes.

Problem: Excessive Repair Costs

Solution: Replace

Pouring the majority of your repair budget into your driveway is not cost effective. If you are constantly finding reasons to schedule repairs, your driveway probably just needs to be replaced. Making this investment can save you money in the long run.

Problem: Surface Scratches 

Solution: Repair

Resurfacing can solve this issue, but it also brings up the importance of prevention. To keep debris from scratching the surface, be sure to schedule routine driveway cleaning. Similar to deck cleaning solutions, scrubbing a driveway takes quite a bit of effort, but only needs to be done once or twice per year. Asphalt and concrete driveway cleaning can provide this service with minimal strain on your part.

Your house will only be as high quality as the effort you put into it. This is why it's important to get your driveway, roof,  and gutters cleaned regularly. Your investment will pay off through a more structurally sound and attractive home.