What you should and shouldn't wear while power cleaning

What you should and shouldn't wear when power cleaning

When it comes to power cleaning your home, there are often instructions on how to use the machine correctly, the required supplies you need, and the technique that works best to remove the grime off your Cincinnati home. There is not a lot of information that discusses what to wear when power washing your house. In this short guide, you will be informed of the top four pieces of attire you should wear when power cleaning your home.

Wear gloves & a mask

One of the first things you should be wearing when power cleaning your house are gloves and a mask. The chemical solution that is placed in the power washing machine, as well as the mold spores that go flying into the air, can harm your skin and respiratory tract if inhaled. You do not want to breathe in mold spores once they are airborne as they can cause a fungal infection in your lungs. When power washing your home, make sure to wear the proper clothing to protect both your hands and your face (nose and mouth).

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Long sleeves & pants

Another essential item to wear when power washing supports covering your skin for protection. If you are working outside during the summer, it can get especially hot with Ohio's high humidity.  Even so, you should not wear a T-shirt and shorts when cleaning gutters and power washing your home.  Make sure you are wearing a long sleeve shirt as well as jeans or pants.  The power washing machine pressure that is emitted is strong. It is possible that you could inflict a laceration or abrasion from the pressure stream if your bare skin is showing. Not only are long clothes protecting your skin, but they are also preventing the grime, build-up, and mold to land on your exposed skin surface.

Closed toe shoes

It is imperative when you are power washing your home, or anybody else's, that you make sure to wear closed-toe shoes. Footwear like sandals, crocs, tennis shoes, or going barefoot is not appropriate, as they will provide no protection to your feet. Not only is the protection of the skin on your feet of great importance, but so is keeping your feet dry. You do not want to be stepping in the chemical solution that is strong enough to remove layers of built-up debris. You also do not want to have the pressure coming back and striking your feet. If you are using a machine with more than 4000 psi of force, not only do you need closed toed shoes, but you also need steel-toed boots. If you do not have steel-toed boots and do not want to have to buy any, call in a professional who can complete the task for you.

Protective Eyewear

The most important piece of attire you can wear when power cleaning is that of protective eyewear. The amount of pressure that is used when power washing can immediately scour the layers of dirt off an HVAC system as well as roofing material; imagine what it could do to your eyes. To avoid the chemical back spray as well as flying debris and mold, wear protective goggles or eyeglasses to shield your sensitive eyes from damage. Do not wear sunglasses for this task, as they are not made strong enough to withstand the pressure. They could become chipped, cracked, or stained.

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Whether you use all of our suggestions or even a few of them, your health will be safe as you remove the layers of mold, dirt, and grime from your home. If you follow our advice on the top four pieces of attire you should wear when power cleaning your house, not only will you will have the cleanest exterior in Cincinnati, but you will also be safe from the ramifications of power washing!