Is Your Driveway Driving Away Buyers?

The Ohio heat feels like it will melt the tires off your car while it sits in the driveway. Okay, maybe it doesn't get that hot, but it sure feels like it, right?  Unfortunately, the heat also bakes in tire marks and oil spills on your driveway.  Here's what neighbors think about homes with dirty driveways:

Your home is dirty

You may have the cleanest and loveliest interior on the block, but no one is going to have guessed it based on the look of your driveway. A front yard and driveway are extensions of the interior of your home and if the front of your yard is unkempt, or the driveway is in disrepair, then a passerby will assume the interior of the home is treated the same.

You don't have time to perform projects

If you do not have the tools or finances to complete the maintenance on your home, it is going to appear to others that you don't have the time. Since they do not understand or know of your situation, lack of tools, materials, or finances appear as time constraints and not taking enough pride in the property you own.

You don't care about the outside of your home

The impression your driveway elicits on a passerby will give them a good impression of your home or a not-so-good view of your home. As a homeowner, you want to make sure their impression of your property is well-deserving. By not pressure washing your driveway, you are giving off the impression that you do not care about the outside of your home. This doesn't fare well with neighbors and homeowner associations.  

Make sure to keep your neighbors happy and your property value up by contacting Kings of Clean to have your driveway pressure washed at least once a year.  That should keep the homeowner’s association, neighbors, passersby, and yourself happy and content with the look of your house and property.