5 Simple Steps to Winterize Your Driveway

Even if you are still enjoying crisp Autumn days, the promise of Winter can be daunting for any homeowner. Snow and ice can pose a threat to your home's exterior, but your driveway might experience particular risk. While other seasons can create a dirty driveway, Winter can cause more serious damage. Fortunately, with the right preparation, you can protect your driveway from event he harshest storms. The following tips will help you prepare to weather this season.

Address any cracks.
Spot any driveway cracks and schedule driveway sealing before Winter arrives. Cold temperatures can cause water to freeze in these cracks, expanding them even more. Proper sealing will prevent this natural effect.

Check the drainage.
Double check your gutters and downspouts to ensure that water won't pool on your driveway. Then test your storm drains and street gutters. As long as everything is draining properly, big snow melts shouldn't be a problem.

Clear leaves off the surface.
Throughout the Fall, stay diligent about clearing the leaves. The same goes for all of your home features. About 30% of new homes have some sort of mold on them, and leaves can breed this excess moisture. By keeping dead leaves off of your driveway, you can keep this moisture from sitting on the surface.

Find the right salt.
Some driveway salts are too abrasive for most surfaces. They can cause scratches or wear down the surface due to the chemical content. Talk to a professional to find a more gentle salt that is also effective. This will keep you from slipping and prevent your driveway from sustaining scratches.

Purchase proper snow cleaning tools.
Update your driveway cleaning tools to address a dirty driveway, and then purchase some quality snow removal equipment. The right shovel will remove snow without scratching the driveway. And this is important for keeping your driveway in good condition throughout the winter.

Remember: The best way to help your driveway weather all the seasons is to hire a professional. A driveway cleaning company can address your home exterior needs and set up a care schedule for you. Just be sure to follow their advice and call them for cleaning in the spring as well. Your diligence will keep your driveway, and other features, in top condition for years to come.