Increase Foot Traffic to Your Business

You can’t make the sale if your customer never sees your store.


It’s an adage that despite some changes from online shopping still remains largely true for most small businesses. Unfortunately, even a store with the best location may struggle to stick out in the sea of retail options the average customer has today. While a clean exterior thanks to our pressure washing is a great start, here’s some other simple tips to make sure your location is memorable and eye catching.


Signage- A “We’re open” sign is not enough in the current market. While you may have restrictions based on the property owner or zoning regulations for your area, being inventive with your signage is a great way to distinguish your business. Sculptured three dimensional pieces are far more unforgettable than a simple paperboard. A digital sign that can be changed easily to allow seasonal notices or sales advertisements to be included is another great step.


Window displays- If your location allows for front facing windows, consider what can be seen through those windows. Perhaps an active view of your employees at work, assembling materials or arranging. The ideal example here is a pizzeria that has an open window letting customers see cooks preparing the pizzas, but consider how the same concept could be applied to you. Otherwise, you may need to do a more traditional retail display, but think about how you can tell a story. A simple display showing items on sale won’t stick with a customer near as much as a display that communicates a simple story like “A day at the beach” or “getting ready for school.”


Engage Senses other than Sight- Visual queues are certainly the most prevalent and for some good reasons, but consider ways to include the other senses as well. Maybe you can have sounds that can be heard outside your shop or smells that attract a customer. Try to be out of the ordinary. Playing music is certainly a common trick most businesses will use, but how can you stand out if you’re doing the same thing as your neighbors? Nature sounds playing outside of a camping store for example, or the smell of fresh baked bread coming out of a bakery. Be careful though that anything you set up to attract attention outside isn’t overpowering inside. Music shouldn’t be so loud inside the store as to make it difficult for customers to have conversation, and smell shouldn’t be so overpowering as to be uncomfortable for shoppers. (Not to mention your staff who will be in it all day!)


Digital Engagement - With more and more customers carrying smartphones in their pockets, finding ways to engage their digital senses becomes important as well. It can be something as small as including a QR Code in your window display that people walking by can stop and scan, maybe generating a coupon or directing them to a video explaining one of your product. Or you can go bigger, maybe setting up a backdrop image for customers to take photos for Instagram, including a hashtag that connects to a product or lifestyle associated with your business. Look into Augmented Reality Games like Pokemon Go and see if there’s ways to connect your business to their location markers.


Kid or Pet Friendly- Shoppers may not be out alone as they walk by your business. Take into consideration shoppers with kids in tow. Having a way to attract their attention can be a great way to get feet in the door. An iconic example is the restaurant with a playground out front. When driving down the road debating lunch, the bright colored slide and swings is just as attractive to a busy mom or dad as the smell of grilling burgers or advertised meal deals. Having some kind of activity center at the front of the store can be a great eye catcher, and has the added benefit of offering a distraction for the kids allowing parents to feel free to shop a little longer without needing to move on because of some restless little ones. Also consider people who may be out walking a pet. If you can make your location pet friendly, having some water dishes out front with some toys may be a great way to make them feel comfortable stopping by, and because this is definitely something not all businesses can pull of, you can undeniably set yourself apart if you can do so!


Of course, the recommendation we are most eager to encourage you to is getting a clean exterior for your business location. Our pressure washing services can go a long way to maing the appearance of your exterior walls, parking lot, or sidewalk attractive to customers and make them feel welcome coming in. A clean exterior sets a professional impression on a customer, so give us a call today to see what we can do for you!