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Part of the “fun” of living in the Greater Cincinnati, Ohio region is that harsh the weather can show up on any given day. Torrential rain, snow, or high winds can all show up when they’re least expected. This swiftly changing weather can do a number on your gutters, leaving them looking weathered and can […]
To our valued customers, The entire Kings of Clean team is closely monitoring the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) situation and how it may impact our teams, customers, and overall operations. We are working to take the additional precautions necessary to protect both our employees and our customers. We will continue to monitor the Center for Disease Controls guidelines […]
As we approach a new year, now is a great time to consider giving your home a fresh new look! There are a number of ways you can go about this, but one option is to purchase new siding for your home! New siding can give your home the facelift you want with less hassle […]
In the Greater Cincinnati area we’ve moving from  autumn to winter, and homeowners have to begin to prepare for the new season. Winter brings an end to a whole set of outdoor chores and tasks, but your work as a homeowner isn't done. Instead, there’s a whole other set of risks you need to be […]
When it comes to siding for your home, we like to consider ourselves as unbiased experts. We have years of experience cleaning home surfaces of every kind, including a variety of siding materials. However, we don’t install or repair siding material ourselves, which means that we often are able to provide crucial information to consider […]
As a homeowner, by now you no doubt are aware of the various benefits pressure washing can have for your home. Whether it’s cleaning your siding, removing stubborn stains from your driveway, or cleaning mold and mildew from your roof, you may already be sold on the idea of getting a good pressure washing service […]
As summer begins to wind down and fall swiftly approaches, we find ourselves squarely in the midst of another rise in allergy struggles for many Cincinnatians. Plant and other organic material is dispersed into the air and shifting temperatures mean rain storms and higher winds become more frequent. All of these things mean our bodies […]
Ah, there’s nothing like enjoying a morning as a homeowner! Step outside, a cup of coffee in hand, pick up the paper, and walk out to get the mail. Look around you at a beautiful neighborhood, sun shining in the sky, water sprinklers going off, and a spring in your step. As you walk back […]
Siding, particularly vinyl siding, is some of the hardest working material components of your home. It stands up to the rain, wind, and beating sun day in and day out throughout the year. If properly cared for, siding can last for years, but no matter what siding you have on your home, it will eventually […]
When it comes to surfaces around your home, either outside or inside, there is nothing quite like brick. It has a beautiful surface that carries with it a classic look unlike anything else you might have around the house. With that though, brick requires some special care in comparison to more generic surfaces like vinyl […]
There are a wide variety of options for the exterior walls of your home. Brick or siding are of course the most popular, but there’s another type of exterior walls you may see on many homes, and it has its own benefits to bring to the table, but also some items to take into consideration […]
With the abnormally high amount of rain we’ve been getting this summer, your roof has been subjected to a serious amount of punishment. When it’s not getting pounding rain, it’s getting hot and humid days. All of this leads to not only obvious risks of storm damage, but also a high risk for mold damage. […]
In many increasingly competitive markets, advertising can represent a ballooning expense in your budget as a small business owner. Whether you focus your advertising on traditional by mail campaigns or you invest primarily in online advertising, there’s a field that’s available closer to home for a reasonable budget that you might be leaving unattended. Whether […]
It may not look like it, but your brand new paved driveway is full of holes. Whether it’s concrete or asphalt, your driveway is constructed out of a porous material that will allow water to seep through it over the course of the next year And that’s where your trouble begins. It seems like you […]
Building a deck is a great way to improve your experience with your home and your curb appeal as well as increase your home’s value, but what should that deck be made of? While there has always been plenty to choose from, in the past several years, options have increased dramatically, and some homeowners may […]
As the days get warmer, hopefully you’ll get time to enjoy being outdoors more. While it may be difficult to work in a weekend away, you can always enjoy a warm afternoon in your own backyard. Before you do, why not spruce it up to still give you that special feeling of being transported somewhere […]
With spring here, you and your family members may be experiencing the deep frustration that comes with flared allergies. It can turn what should be a cheerful time of year into a miserable one, as your eyes, nose, and skin begin to turn against you, coming under attack from the environment around you. Allergies are […]
Now that we’ve hopefully left the cold and wet days of snow and winter behind us, there’s plenty of work to be done to get your home ready for summer. What you may not realize is that winter left a few things around your home that could be causing significant damage to your sidewalks, siding, […]
Spring is the season of cleaning, and while we are ready and eager to help you out by getting the outside of your home cleaned with our quality power washing services, we thought we’d offer some tips for getting the inside of your home organized for your spring cleaning! De-clutter With the recent popularity of […]
With winter coming to a close, you’re likely considering some spring upgrades to your home. One upgrade that has a huge impact on your curb appeal as well as the functional comfort of your home is new siding. Since we have spent years becoming the cleaning experts for a variety of home exteriors, we thought […]
With the deep drops in temperature that we’ve been seeing this winter in the Greater Cincinnati area, it’s time to take a moment and consider the damage that can be done to your siding during the winter months. While you may already know to protect your plumbing, roof, and gutters, your siding can be exposed […]
  Snow and ice are unavoidable hazards in the winter months, and keeping your sidewalks clear and safe are a regular chore for most homeowners. Good news is that there are several options available. There are several benefits and concerns to remember for each, though. Today, we review each and help you decide on the […]
We thought this post from Woods Hardware, a hardware store chain that’s local to our area here in Cincinnati, was particularly helpful and might be worth a read to those of you who follow our blog here. We spend a great deal of our time going up and down ladders, so we can attest to […]
As we look back on the year, we have so much to be thankful for! We’ve enjoyed some fantastic growth, gotten to know some absolutely fantastic customers, and added some outstanding additional members to our team.     We also had a chance to launch our new partner company, New Heights Roofing, a great way […]
We thought we’d take a look at this article from our partners over at Cincy Gutter Boys about the ways that cleaning your gutters can prevent damage to your home. As they point out, cleaning your gutters is rarely a pleasant experience and it’s usually a frustrating way to spend a Saturday. But the risks […]