Advantages of Sealing your Driveway

Advantages of Sealing Your Driveway

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It may not look like it, but your brand new paved driveway is full of holes.

It seems like you spend the entire year as a homeowner finding new things you have to spend money on. Whether it’s little things like getting the grass mowed, or larger expenses like roof repairs, there’s seemingly no end to the ways your home can cost you money. That’s why we're not surprised to hear that some homeowners want to skip cleaning and resealing their driveway every few years. You may think you’re saving money on something that just makes your driveway look nice, but you'll end paying more in the long run.

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There are functional benefits of sealing your driveway.

Back to your driveway being full of holes. Both concrete and asphalt driveways are porous materials, which allows water to seep through. That spells trouble for your driveway.  The water that seeps through then collects beneath the driveway and erodes the soil. Over time, this causes your driveway to shift, becoming uneven and cracking. The problem is exacerbated if you live in an area like Cincinnati.  When temperatures drop, water that’s been absorbed by your driveway turns to ice which expands and breaks down the driveway material.

The process of driveway sealing, applying a solution that soaks into your driveway, protects your driveway by closing up those pores.  This prevents water or other fluids such as engine oil from permeating your driveway. This sealing barrier also protects stains from spills or rust. 

Keeping your driveway looking good is not the the reason for getting your driveway sealed, it's an added bonus.  The main reason we recommend regular concrete sealing is to ensure your driveway stays in good condition for years. To learn more about how our sealing service can benefit your driveway, contact us today.