Best Material for New Deck

Building a deck is a great way to improve your experience with your home and your curb appeal as well as increase your home’s value, but what should that deck be made of? While there has always been plenty to choose from, in the past several years, options have increased dramatically, and some homeowners may feel like it’s an overwhelming option. This unfortunately can leave you susceptible to the last salesperson you spoke to rather than finding a choice that’s right for you. We here at the Kings of Clean have been able to clean a wide variety of decks, and thought we’d take the chance to share with you some information that might prove useful in making your choice.

As with so many things about your home, the truth is there isn’t any “right” answer, so much as the right answer for you. A variety of variables go into choosing a deck material, and each situation can be a little different. Some core factors to consider are your time, your budget, and your preferred appearance.



The first thing to consider is the amount of time you’ll have to work on your deck. Different materials are going to require different levels of maintenance. Real hardwood, for example, is a favorite of many homeowners, but it requires ongoing care to keep it in good shape. Hardwood requires staining and possibly sealing depending on the amount of weather abuse it might take, which will need reapplied over time. Aluminum decking, on the other hand, requires almost no maintenance in comparison, simply keeping it clean and touching up paint on occasion if it’s scratched.



Balancing with other considerations is going to be budget. Getting a deck that looks good and requires no maintenance is definitely feasible, but it’s going to cost you. Getting a deck that’s cheaper will give you something functional but not necessarily the height of design and beauty. A deck doesn’t need to break your piggy bank, but it is important to remember that you’re making an investment. A nice looking and well maintained deck can increase your home’s value, and while you might save some money now, you’ll want to think twice if you’re exchanging those savings for many lost Saturdays spent stripping, staining, and repainting that same deck for years.



Finally, you’ll want to consider the appearance you want your deck to have. A classic natural redwood deck is going to have its fans, but there are those who love the clean and modern look of a high end aluminum deck. Different materials will have functionally different appearances, and while some materials will advertise that they look like natural hardwood, for example, it’s worth noting that you’ll almost certainly notice the difference once you’re actually standing on them.

Ultimately, all of these considerations will need to be taken together. You may want a certain budget, but that will need to fit the appearance you’re going for. You might want to have a certain look for your deck, but you need to know going in that it might require more time spent maintaining it. Of course, regardless of the deck material you choose, one important step you can take is getting it cleaned on a regular basis. Our deck washing service can take any deck and make it look better by giving it a good cleaning. Call us today to schedule an appointment!