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Cleaning and sealing are critical to the care and maintenance of your concrete.  Our pressure washing experts can make a recommendation for a concrete cleaning and sealing schedule that will ensure your sidewalks and driveways continue to look and perform at their best.


Concrete's distinct texture makes it easier to grip, and therefore a safe solution for high traffic areas, such as walkways or driveways, and areas that are frequently wet, such as a pool decks.  However, grimy, cracked concrete can cause a number of injuries to your loved ones and your property.  As dirt becomes embedded into concrete, it reduces traction and creates cracks creating a slippery unstable surface that is easy to trip on, especially for children.  In Greater Cincinnati, where everyone seems to struggle with seasonal allergies, concrete poses an additional risk.  The tiny particles of allergens hiding in unwashed concrete surfaces can exacerbate allergies every time you step outside.

Pressure washing concrete removes dirt, mold, algae and other organic matter that builds up over time making sure you can walk, run, and drive safely.


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Damage Prevention

It is much easier and more affordable to prevent damage to your concrete than it is to repair it. Dirt and particles like rust lay on your concrete, collecting moisture.  As temperatures rise and fall, water expands and retracts.  With no place to go, it cracks the concrete. Those cracks have a way of splintering and spreading until your steps or sidewalk are falling apart. Patching concrete is a temporary solution, but eventually the entire section will need to be replaced.

To avoid all of this hassle and expense, concrete cleaning and sealing are required.  Pressure washing concrete washes away the debris that is on the surface, but without sealing, your pool deck or pavers are unprotected against chlorine, rock salt, harsh weather, and stains. We have found that Aquapel Plus is the best concrete sealant for the weather in the Cincinnati area.  Aquapel Plus soaks into the concrete, as opposed to just sitting on the surface, and can last 5-8 years.


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While the look of your concrete is not as important as the safety or functionality, it is still worth mentioning.  As durable as concrete is, it is also a porous material that easily absorbs other substances.  Every day household produce like ice-melting solutions and plant fertilizer contain minerals that discolor concrete.  Many people tolerate rust and oil stains, mold and algae, spills and leaks for years, only to find that the stains are much harder to remove later on.  Even worse, those stains are often an early warning of damage due to rust or water absorption.

Pressure washing and concrete sealing are affordable solutions to restoring and protecting your concrete.  If you see a stain on your concrete, do not wait to treat it.  Once the concrete has been cleaned, we recommend applying sealant to prevent the same stain from happening again.

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