The Real Cost of DIY Pressure Washing

As a homeowner, by now you no doubt are aware of the various benefits pressure washing can have for your home. Whether it’s cleaning your siding, removing stubborn stains from your driveway, or cleaning mold and mildew from your roof, you may already be sold on the idea of getting a good pressure washing service done to keep your home in good repair and your curb appeal high. However, you also doubtlessly have considered the possibility of pressure washing on your own. You may have seen a personal washer available from the department store for as little as $60, or a nicer model available for pickup at a local garage sale, and thought you could handled the job yourself for a lower cost. Unfortunately, there are a few items you may not be aware of that are worth consideration.


You may not get the job really done

First and foremost, the personal use equipment that you see available in most stores simply isn’t up to snuff in comparison to a professional setup. Even higher end machines that may be available online or in the hardware store won’t do the work we can accomplish. And it’s not just the higher pressure our machines can handle, but also the more fine tuned control we’re able to accomplish. What’s more, we’re able to use professional detergents and hotter water than you’d get with a personal setup, meaning we’re able to get a deeper clean . Finally, our professional staff knows how to use this equipment in a way that gets your home truly looking its best. Even if you’re able to buy a high end pressure washer that can match the features of a professional setup, there’s a steep learning curve involved, one we’ve already mastered, and there’s a good chance you simply won’t get the same results. 


You may do damage

With that steep learning curve also comes some risks. Even some cheap personal machines can generate enough pressure to do serious damage to some siding or wood surfaces if you’re not careful. If you’re using detergents or cleaning solvents with your pressure wash setup, you may also find out later that you’ve done expensive damage to your lawn by not mixing or disposing of those agents correctly. Our staff is trained to avoid these pitfalls, and in worse case scenarios, we’re insured to protect you, a benefit that’s lost when you do the work yourself. 


You may have better use of your time

Finally, even if everything goes well and you get a truly great end result, there’s still the cost of your time. By the time you procure the equipment and other supplies needed, prepare your area, do the job, and clean up and put everything away, how much of your time has been spent? Chances are, you’ve lost most of the day, if not more depending on your level of experience and how much work needs done. Aren’t there better things you could get done with that time? If you’re like most homeowners, there’s a good chance you’ve got a limited amount of free time to devote to upkeep on your home, and losing one of your precious days off to do a job that’s wet, hot, and often incredibly uncomfortable certainly isn’t the top choice for how to pass your time. Even if you’re determined to take the day to work on your house, aren’t there other chores you could get done that don’t require as much financial investment to accomplish? Our professional teams can get the job done effectively and safely, usually in a fraction of the amount of time it would take for you to do it yourself, and you’ll likely be surprised at just how affordable our rates really are!

So contact us today and set up an appointment for professional powerwashing and let us take care of the rest!