Do It Yourself? Really?

Do it Yourself? Really?

The first thing many people think of when they need their gutters, house, or sidewalks power cleaned is to run to the local box store and rent a high pressure washer. These commercially rented washers certainly will strip away the dirt from your homes. But have you considered the damage that 3000 to 4000 PSI pressure can do to your home? With that kind of power, you can blast paint off, tear up your screens, damage vinyl siding as well as damage or blow off roof shingles. You can also break the seals in double pane windows and cause the “fogging” effect on your windows. Another common issue that makes home power washing a challenge is that high pressure will force water in behind the vinyl siding, Hardie planks, or into cracks in the mortar of brick homes, that actually cause molding issues. This can cause molding problems that you can’t even see until it’s too late.

While high pressure washing can cause damage to your home, it is a high risk operation that leads to accidents as well. Thousands of people are injured each year due high pressure washers, and power washing even figures in a large number of deaths.

The bulk of the work in pressure cleaning should be with the chemicals used, not in the pressure. Surfaces on the exterior of your home are not made to withstand the destructive forces of high pressure water being sprayed only inches away. Don’t try to do something yourself that could cause so much damage to you and your home. No matter what type of pressure washing that you need, let us come out and make your home look new again! We treat your home using our custom blend of safe anti-microbial cleaning solution. We then rinse under low pressure so there is no risk of home. Get a quote today.