What to do When You Buy a New House

What to Do When You Buy a House

First, if you’re reading this based on the title, odds are you’ve just purchased a new home or you’re considering the purchase of a new home.  In those cases, congratulations and welcome! If that isn’t you, you might be a little more like me, already a homeowner and wondering if you’ve been on the right track as far as home maintenance.  Regardless, this can definitely help you find tips in caring for your home.

Homeownership has so many facets, many that we learn along the way.  Even if you grew up with a parent running and maintaining their home, you might have never realized all the aspects that need attention and care.  

When you first purchase a property you have the perfect opportunity to start fresh with a clean slate.  After the arduous task of shopping for and purchasing a new house, invest a few days before you settle in to focus on preparing this house to be your cozy home.  This is by no means an extensive list, but one that should start you out on the right path.



Now is the time to spruce up the interior without any of the clutter that accumulates from daily living.  You can easily hire someone to come in and give the house a thorough, deep cleaning. If you don’t want the extra expense, grab some cleaning gear and gloves and get to work.  As you’re unpacking and getting adjusted, you’ll be relieved to have that task crossed off your ‘to do’ list.


You’ll find it’s so much easier to paint rooms prior to adding furniture and wall décor.  Choosing the palette of your home is a great way to let your personality shine through and make the space your own.  The job will go quickly if you’re unhindered by moving around furnishings and personal belongings.

Pipes and Systems:

Homes require an inspection before purchase, but things can always be overlooked.  It wouldn’t hurt to go through the house and check to make sure that pipes are clean, sump pumps have a back up installed, etc.   If time permits, having the HVAC unit serviced and changing out air filters take some tasks off your list as well.


Gutter Systems:

Keeping your gutter system free of debris helps maintain the integrity of your home’s exterior in so many ways.  Be sure that all systems are in good working order right away. Consistent gutter cleaning is always imperative to proper home maintenance.


Walk through and make sure there is no damage to the house siding or brick.  To take special precaution, go ahead and hire a company like Kings of Clean to pressure wash the exterior of your home.  This way you can rest assured knowing that there is no mold or mildew silently damaging your home.


Your home could also benefit from a thorough deck cleaning and or concrete cleaning for walkways and the driveway.  Making sure all mold and mildew is cleaned off prevents deterioration to your new home.

Many of these tasks and more should be done seasonally to keep your home in pristine condition.  If you’re ever seeking assistance with exterior cleaning, be sure to give Kings of Clean a call at 513-806-9077. They’ll be happy to assist with any cleaning projects that help protect your investment!