Is Pressure Washing Environmentally Friendly?


So you’ve been looking at your home, and the unsightly mildew on the walls combined with the subdued color covered in dust has finally gotten to you. You’ve finally made the decision to get it cleaned.The next question you’ve had to make is how. You may be looking at getting a professional power washing done, but then you find yourself wondering about the environmental impact of getting this done. After all, you’re a responsible person who wants to do not only what’s best for your home but also make sure that you’re not contributing to the ongoing pollution of your local watersheds. Good! That’s an excellent attitude and response, and we’re glad you’re asking. So we’d like to go over some of the reasons why you can expect having a professional power washer clean your home to cause less environmental impact than the alternatives like hand washing or using a personal use model pressure washer.


Less Chemicals- The first thing to address is that there are likely going to be some chemicals used in cleaning your home regardless of what method you use. This is because the algae growth on your walls has literally put down roots into the material of the walls, and aren’t likely to let go with a few polite phrases. Built up grime on your walls as well, usually a mix of climate dust and atmospheric oils, will cling to the walls in a way that simple water won’t cut through. Not to mention, using chemicals will actually have some environmental benefit by allowing you to use less water. But by using a professional cleaner, who has high grade equipment including a water heater and a higher level of water pressure, you can ensure the work is completed with a minimal use of those necessary cleaning chemicals. This allows for a minimal impact in comparison to personal power washers, and by far less than is necessary with handwashing.


Longer Lasting Materials- Maybe you’ll decide to try to skip cleaning all together. I mean, why not save the water completely? Who cares if the walls of your home look dingy and worn? And you can put up with the fact that the paint slowly looks more and more shadowed. Leaves you ahead right? Unfortunately, no. You see all that grime and algae growth is doing more than causing simple cosmetic issues for your home. Over time, this buildup can cause slow and inexorable damage to the materials of your home’s walls. Now the speed of that damage is dependant largely on the type of materials in use, brick obviously lasts longer than vinyl siding, but regardless of the material in question over time leaving the walls without cleaning will lead to the material needing repaired or replaced altogether. By using a professional power washing, you ensure that your home materials will last longer. This goes double for your wooden decks, which when cleaned will removing parasitic eggs and other particulates from the surface that cause the wood to wear down faster.


Less water used-  Because professional power washing using higher water pressure and more dependable detergents than are available to the average consumer, your walls, decks, and even driveways will be cleaned faster than they would using a more traditional method. This means less water is used overall in getting the job done In particular, our equipment has a heater setting that allows hot water to be used that will remove some stains more easily and efficiently. What’s more, using a professional crew means you’re also getting the benefit of professional expertise. We have accumulated experience that means we can get the job done more efficiently than you would be able to accomplish by yourself.


With these items in mind, we hope you’ll give a different consideration to professional pressure washing for your home. Not only will the appearance of your home benefit, but when compared to other cleaning methods, the environment will as well! Call us today!