Keep Your Customers Safe with Clean Sidewalks

Keep Your Customers Safe with Clean Sidewalks

How much do you think about your sidewalks? Every business owner needs to be aware of the paths to their storefront. Paths can become hazards in every season when they are not adequately cared for.

Snow and ice

Snow and ice accumulation on the sidewalks of are a recipe for disaster. It is of the utmost importance to remove the snow and sleet off those sidewalks and to place a salt mix on your commercial sidewalks to prevent slip and fall injuries which can lead to personal injury claims against you and your business. The last thing you want is for someone to get hurt on your commercial sidewalks.

Spring cleaning

When spring arrives, so do the flowers, tree buds, and pollen. A clean sidewalk is more than just a cleared path. It is also an area that has no dirt markings, microorganism's growth, or deterioration. Make sure to have your sidewalk professionally cleaned to remove any algae, mold, mildew, or grime that has contaminated your walkway. It will not only clean off the dirt and pollen, but will prevent it from reattaching anytime soon.

Summer sun

The hot summer sun can also be a detriment to your commercial sidewalks as they can penetrate grease, gum, oil stains, and any other contaminants on your sidewalks into the concrete. This can and will eventually cause cracking and deterioration to your sidewalks. It is critical to commercially power wash your sidewalks and parking lot to maintain the integrity of the foundation. If you let it go, you will notice small cracks that can then turn into larger cracks, and then part of your concrete can disintegrate leaving holes in your commercial sidewalk. This is neither good for the safety of clients nor the look of your company.

Fall foliage

Autumn brings leaves falling and other natural debris that can get ground into your sidewalks with day to day traffic. Make sure to commercially pressure wash those sidewalks before winter sets in to remove all the built-up grime and rubbish to prevent future cracking of your concrete.

Whether it is clearing snow and ice in the winter, commercial power washing the dirt and grime away in the summer, or trimming spring and fall foliage to prevent tripping, if you follow our advice on how to keep your customers safe with clean sidewalks, you will have happy clients and revenue rolling in!