Local Gift Ideas for the Cincinnati Homeowner

It’s the gift giving holiday season, and there’s a good chance someone on your gift list is a new homeowner! You may find yourself wanting to get them an appropriate gift but not sure what would be best. As we are proud members of our greater Cincinnati neighborhoods, we thought we’d put together a few gift ideas from local providers that any new homeowner would love to have.


Drinking Chocolate by Maverick Chocolate - Okay, we’re starting off the list with just a little bit of cheating, because everyone would love chocolate, not just a new homeowner. But why give a boring old bottle of wine as a housewarming gift when you could instead gift a bag of this drinking chocolate mix from Maverick Chocolate? Founded by Paul and Marlene, who make the chocolate in house started with imported cocoa beans, Maverick is a unique chocolate experience for Cincinnati locals and travelers alike. They’ve won several awards, and if you give your beloved homeowner a bag of their delectable drinking chocolate mix, you’ll win a better award, “Favorite friend.” Check them out at https://maverickchocolate.com


A Ladder from Woods Hardware - Chances are, your happy homeowner had a decent set of tools before they bought their home. Even if they lived in an apartment, little tasks pop up around the place from time to time that need basics like a hammer, screwdriver, or tape measure. What they may not have, is a good ladder. While a small step ladder might come in handy around a small apartment, once you’ve bought a home an eight foot step ladder or even a twelve foot extension ladder will become essential, especially for outdoor work. Woods Hardware is a great choice as a local hardware chain that’s been serving the greater Cincinnati for many years, owned and operated by the Woods Family. Check them out at http://woodshardwarestore.com


A selection of oils from Kentucky Olive - Olive Oil is an old stand by in any kitchen, great for frying, grilling, or homemade salad dressing. While you’ve no doubt seen the boring old stuff in the grocery store, but there is so much more out on offer. You can get infused olive oils with flavors such as rosemary, dark truffles, or Persian lime, and other kinds of delicate pressed oils like walnut or almond oils have gained increasing popularity. Beyond cooking, such oils have become popular for use in homemade cosmetic products, used on hair and skin for people who increasingly distrust the major manufacturers found in many convenience stores. Kentucky Olive is a local provider in Florence with a full line of olive oils as well as a selection of fine balsamic vinegars.  https://www.kentuckyolive.com


Artwork from Artisans Cincinnati - A new home can feel pretty spare when you first moved in. Especially if the new owners are used to a small apartment beforehand, they may not have enough decorations to properly accent their walls. A gift of some artwork is a great way to bring life into a new home, and to share in a more personal gift than a simple card would offer. Giving personality to a home is often easier said than done, but handmade art is a great way to achieve it. Finding an artist is harder than it used to be, but Artisans Cincinnati is a great resource. They offer connections to local artists who can either sell already made art or take on a commission. (keep in mind, a commissioned piece will almost certainly not be done in time for the holidays) You can find them at  http://artisanscincy.com/


Some potted flowers from Natorp’s - Every home needs some greenery. Whether it’s for indoors or out, some live plants will go a long way to brightening up the atmosphere of the new home. For the holidays, a great idea would be to find something that can be kept indoors as a potted plant now, but could be moved outdoors once spring has really kicked in. When it comes to choosing a plant, professional assistance is always great, so we love Natorp’s, a Cincinnati nursery that’s been in the business since 1916. Originally started as a landscaping business, they moved into building a nursery because the European trained Natorp was frustrated with the lack of varietal choices in the area. They have great staff who are informed and excited by their work, and give great recommendations. You can check them out online at https://www.natorp.com


We hope this has given you some great ideas as a place to start, and even if you don’t have a new homeowner in your gift list, we want to encourage you to shop local for your gift list this year and have a wonderful holiday season!