Prep Your Patio for BBQ Season with Power Washing

Summer is here in Cincinnati, Ohio, and with that comes outdoor parties and BBQs. You will want to make sure your home and backyard is in excellent condition, and that includes your patio. By pressure washing your patio, you will have a shiny and sparkling backyard for your guests. In this short guide, you will be informed of the top five ways to prep your patio for BBQ season. 

Pressure wash the patio

One of the best ways to get your patio ready for backyard BBQs is to perform patio washing. By pressure washing your patio slab, whether it is pavers or concrete, your patio will be rid of the grime and debris that can be left after a debris-filled fall and a pollen-filled spring. Not only will you blast away mold and mildew, but also green moss, which can be extremely slippery, will be eliminated too.  

Landscape the backyard

Another fantastic way to get the backyard prepped for a BBQ is to landscape. Make sure the weeds are pulled, the grass is mowed, and the hedges are trimmed. If you do not have the time or energy to perform these simple tasks, make sure to call a local handyman who specializes in lawn work.

Scrub down the grill

One of the most essential pieces of the BBQ is the grill. To get your patio prepped for your big day, make sure you scrub both the inside and outside of the grill. The smoker can become dirty and grimy from sitting outside over the seasons. Verify you have a wire brush and scrape the grime off the racks before using the grill with your friends. An excellent way to get the grime off the outside of the grill is to perform power washing on low-level pressure. It will gently blast the stuck-on grease off the front without damaging the grill.  

Clean the patio furniture

To prep your patio for the BBQ, you need to have a decent spot for your guests to sit. If you have patio furniture, most likely it has become soiled from being outdoors. Cincinnati weather can do a number on your patio furniture and not in a good way. You can perform patio washing by pressure washing your furniture and cushions. If you bought an outdoor set, then the material is made to get wet. By spraying the fabric, it will brighten the color and make the furniture sparkle overall.  

Paint/Clean the house and fence

The last tip to prep your patio for the BBQ season is to take care of the fence. You will want to make sure that your privacy fence is both clean and painted for the future. What is the best way to get it clean before re-staining or painting it? You guessed it, perform pressure washing on it to remove the stuck-on grime. Your stain/paint will adhere and look great for years! 

Having a sparkling patio not only looks great but makes you feel accomplished and good inside. If you follow our advice on the top five ways top prep your patio for BBQ season, you will be the envy of your neighbors!