How to Remove Mildew with Pressure Washing

Mildew can be a nasty little enemy to conquer. It can pop up in the worst places on your Cincinnati, Ohio home, usually where moisture collects. There are ways to fight this fungus though by performing house exterior cleaning and pressure washing. In this short guide, you will be informed of the top four ways to remove mildew with pressure washing.  

  1. Wear proper attire

Mildew is a fungus that can be hard on the human body if inhaled.  When removing the spores, be very careful as they can become airborne. Make sure to wear a mask or bandana that will help protect your breathing when pressure washing the mildew into the air. It is also essential to wear both goggles and gloves. The solution that is used in pressure washer machines can irritate your skin and eyes. Make sure you are protecting both your hands and vision with appropriate wear. Lastly, wear rubber boots when power washing as the chemicals can soak into tennis shoes and cause irritation. In addition, the area will be wet, and you could slip if you do not have a boot with reliable traction in the water.  

  1. Use a fungicidal solution

Another essential point when power washing your siding and concrete to remove mildew is to use a solution in the sprayer that will kill the fungus as well as prevent it from returning. There are many types of solution you can choose from, or you can add a little bleach to the water as it also acts as a fungicidal agent. This will help prevent new mildew from forming. Fungus, such as mold and mildew, can grow in wet and moist conditions and then cause the area to become slick. Make sure you are aware of this when trying to scrub the mildew away as your brush and yourself, may go flying.  

  1. Hire a professional team

Just as you would call for a professional to perform HVAC maintenance, chimney repairs, gutter fixes, simple remodeling, exterior painting, or roofing repairs, you want to do the same with power washing of your home's siding. House exterior cleaning is critical in the spring and summer months as Cincinnati storms and humidity bring much moisture, which increases the growth of mildew. To get both fast results as well as efficient work, make sure to call in a professional power washing team to complete fungus removal of your home.  

  1. Divide and conquer

The best way to remove mildew if you are attempting removal yourself is to split the space with fungus present into sections. A friend or local handyman can assist you with the division as well as the cleaning to complete the task both quickly and efficiently. Once you have removed the mildew from one section, move onto the next. This way it doesn't look so daunting, and you can feel good about taking breaks as needed.  As you can see, mildew can be tough to get rid of. By properly performing house exterior cleaning and pressure washing of your home, you can fight off this nasty invader. If you follow our advice on the top four ways to remove mildew with pressure washing, your Cincinnati, Ohio home will be bright and beautiful once again!