Is your deck way past due for a good cleaning?

Wooden decks can be a beautiful addition to your property but they can be an eyesore as well. Most decks are just victims of neglect and if you call the Kings of Clean for the deck cleaning Cincinnati trusts, you can rejuvenate your deck for a lot less than the cost of replacement.

Over the years, the elements as well as kids and pets can take a toll on your backyard deck. The appearance often times causes home owners to replace the deck many years prematurely

Deck before wash

Ft. Thomas, KY Deck BEFORE Wash

but with proper maintenance and repair most decks can have a very long and beautiful life.

We follow a thorough process to make sure that you will be thrilled with the results. First, we remove all furniture from the deck so that you don’t have to do any lifting yourself. Next, we rinse off any debris before applying Restore-A-Deck cleaner.  We then use a bristle brush to work the cleaner into the pores of the wood.

Deck Cleaning

After a good deck cleaning, you will want to protect your deck as well. We can take care of that for you too! We provide waterproofing and deck staining services that will keep your deck looking like new for years to come.

We also clean patios and driveways as well as complete house cleaning.

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Loveland, OH Deck BEFORE Staining

Loveland, OH Deck BEFORE Staining

Loveland, OH Deck AFTER Staining

Loveland, OH Deck AFTER Staining










“Polite, professional, and the quality of the work was Grade A. Jimmy is a great ambassador for the company. I could not have achieved the same results with my equipment. Will definitely use Gutter Boys again and recommend them to friends.”  — Dave L. from Cincinnati, OH from Home AdvisorHome Advisor Logo

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