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Need your patio or driveway cleaned and sealed?

Concrete cleaning is not complete if it is not sealed for protection and stain prevention.  No one wants to worry about their freshly cleaned driveway being ruined by an oil leak.  We use Aquapel Plus for concrete sealing because it soaks into the concrete, as opposed to just sitting on the surface, and can last 5-8 years!

Regular concrete cleaning and concrete driveway sealing can add years of life to your driveway. If the weather has been extreme, (especially if you have applied ice melting products) or if your concrete gets intense sunlight or just a high amount of foot or automobile traffic, all of these factors can affect the life and looks of your surfaces. Let your Kings of Clean technician recommend a driveway cleaning and sealing schedule that will keep your walks and driveways always looking and performing at their best.

Are your concrete surfaces dusted with mildew, caked with grime or just dingy? Have concrete areas of your home lost their luster? Have you been left asking “Who is going to seal my concrete driveway? And who is going to pressure wash my driveway? Can I even power wash my driveway?" Let the Kings of Clean help!

For concrete surfaces such as your patio, pavers, or driveway, we recommend that you give these surfaces periodic cleaning and sealing. Just how often you clean and seal your concrete surfaces and depends a lot on the conditions that the concrete surface is exposed to. Concrete is a porous material that readily absorbs liquids. In freeze-thaw climates, the expansion of frozen liquids can destroy the surface of unsealed concrete. Oil, salt, fertilizer, and other household chemicals can discolor and damage unsealed concrete.