Four tips for power washing concrete sidewalks

Four tips

for power washing sidewalks

Dirty sidewalks can be really irritating. They can be awful to look at and even cause accidental injuries when slippery mold or mildew is present.  Both home and business owners have an obligation to keep their sidewalks clean. In some States, local governments have actually started issuing fines to get people to start taking care of their sidewalks. One of the quickest and most effective ways to clean your sidewalks is by power washing. If you’re interested in power washing your sidewalk, the following four tips should be used to ensure the best results:

Choose a Pressure Washer with the Appropriate Pressure Rating

Pressure can be defined as the force on a surface. In the case of pressure washing sidewalks, it’s the force of the water on the concrete. Pressure ratings are expressed in units of pounds per square inch (psi). Your pressure washer should have a minimum pressure rating of 3000 psi to effectively clean your sidewalk. There are a few situations where a higher pressure rating might be needed, but expert Cincinnati exterior cleaning companies all agree and recommend that 3000 psi is appropriate for residential use. When renting or purchasing a pressure washer, always make sure it has at least 3000 psi rating.

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Choose a Pressure Washer with the Appropriate Flow Rate

Flow rate is defined as the quantity of liquid moving through a pipe or channel during a given period. Pressure washers use the unit gallons per minute (gpm). Flow rate is an often overlooked, but important part of pressure washing. If your pressure washer has a pressure rating of 10,000 psi while putting out 2 gpm, your sidewalk will definitely stay dirty. Cincinnati exterior cleaning companies recommend a flow rate of five to six gpm. This will ensure you’re using an appropriate cleaning speed to rid dirt and contaminants from the concrete surface.

Use a Rotary Nozzle 

Some areas of your sidewalk may be more or less dirty than others. Cleaning speed should be increased or decreased to clean these different areas. By using a rotary nozzle, you give yourself the option to adjust speed to meet cleaning demands. A fan or circular jet pattern can be adjusted to allow the water to leave the nozzle at the speed you wish to use.

Use Hot Water

It’s no secret that hot water cleans better than cold. Hot water pressure washers can be a bit more expensive than cold water ones because they have a heavy heating coil and burner system. While this might be concerning, you should take note that most experts agree that hot water is the way to go. In the end, it will save you time and money because the job will be done right the first time.

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The above mentioned tips will help you when power washing your sidewalk as well as other concrete pressure washing. Use them to make your life easier and sidewalk cleaner. The overall appearance of your home or business will improve. If you can’t or don’t want to do it yourself, it’s recommended that you contact an experienced Cincinnati exterior cleaning company that can help you.  Kings of Clean is always here to provide you with a better (easier) way to clean.