What is Commercial Concrete Cleaning

If you walk onto a business property and the sidewalk is stained or covered with mildew or bubblegum, you tend to make an impression of that business. So do your customers. Your driveways and sidewalks may be the first impression that you have of a company so make a good one with a commercial concrete cleaning of your business premises.

Our services are ideal for sidewalks, commercial garage spaces, storage areas, parking lots and loading docks.

Our cleaning experts will come to your business location and make you proud. We will ensure that all of your concrete surfaces have a professional appearance.

Concrete is one of the hardest things to clean due its pores nature. It absorbs tree sap, dirt, minerals, and rust that sink deep into the surface. Because concrete replacement is expensive, it makes a lot more sense to clean your driveways, patios, sidewalks, commercial garage, loading docks, parking lots and any other commercial concrete cleaning before it suffers deterioration from the elements.

In today’s business environment you need to hold all advantages and look the best until you are. Your business image starts at the parking lot so let our team of commercial concrete cleaners give you an advantage over your competitors. Your building or parking lot will benefit from having your facility professionally power washed to remove oil, mold, dirt, pollen and any other contaminants.

Kings of Clean is a full service residential and commercial pressure washing company located in Cincinnati, Ohio. We are fully insured and bonded. Our choices of eco-friendly cleaning products also assure that your landscaping, your staff, and your customers will all be safe.

Don’t lose customers because of dirty concrete. Call us today for a quote.