Pressure Washing for Curb Appeal

When selling your home, curb appeal is one of the first concerns that will be brought up by your realtor, and with good reason. The initial impression a buyer gets of your home can have a huge impact on how your sale goes. We are honored that our pressure washing can often play a role in improving your home’s curb appeal by cleaning your driveway, walkways, and siding or walls, but we want to offer what tips we can to help you complete the project.


Touch up your walls - The walls of your home go along way towards improving the impression prospective buyers have. Hopefully, you don’t need to go all out and either repaint the walls or add all new siding. A pressure wash by our team can go a long way to improving the appearance, but patching up the paint and repairing the siding can finish the job.


Repair and clear your roof- Roof repairs can be extremely expensive, so a prospective buyer is going to give a quick eye inspection of your roof when they first arrive at your home. Even in a worst case scenario of having legitimate issues with your roof, ensuring that the appearance of the roof is at least improved you can ensure that the issue is taken into consideration in a reasonable manner and not judged based on an initial emotional response. If your roof is in good repair, ensuring it is kept clean and clear prevents a buyer from an initial incorrect assumption that it may not be.


Clean your gutters- Your gutters can go a long way to affecting the appearance of your home. Well kept gutters will generally go unnoticed, but sagging or leaking gutters will quickly make an impression. What’s more, if your gutters are out of shape there’s a good chance they’ll affect the appearance of other parts of your home, leading to mildew on your siding or debris buildup on your roof. Getting them cleaned and repaired if needed is crucial to ensuring your home selling interactions get started on the right foot.


Clean or replace your doors- Imagine being a prospective buyer, you arrive at a home with a well manicured lawn, a beautiful home, and a clear sidewalk. You walk up to the door and reach up to knock, but that’s when you notice the door is dirty and dented. Maybe it has flaking paint or isn’t set correctly in the frame. Keeping your door in good repair and appearance sets a great welcome to your visiting buyers.


Revitalize your lawn - If your curb appeal is the face your home presents, your lawn is the haircut. A beautiful and well manicured lawn can go a long way to balancing out a home that’s not necessarily in the best shape, while even a well cared for home will look a little shabby if the yard is overgrown. Dead spots in the grass can be brought to life with some fresh seed and compost. Also make sure any trees are cared for, and bushes are properly trimmed. Flower beds cleaned up and replanted can add a touch of class and beauty to your lawn.


If you’re hoping to sell your home, give us a call today so we can help you take one of the most important steps towards improving your curb appeal with a thorough washing of your driveway, walkways, and walls. We can’t wait to be your partner in making your selling experience a pleasant one!