Why professional power washing is better than DIY

“Do it yourself” is certainly a laudable attitude when it comes to most projects around the house. Especially in a day and age when far too many people have forgotten how to perform many basic functions that were considered essential responsibilities of adulthood in years gone by. Some tasks, however, are better left to the professionals. Sometimes because it simply isn’t worth your time, and sometimes because you simply won’t have the skills or equipment to do as thorough and as quality of a job as a professional would. Pressure washing is one of those tasks that fills all of these qualities.


It’s worth remembering that pressure washing is definitely worth your time, either as a homeowner or as a small business proprietor. Pressure washing, particularly when done by a professional, will tackle some of the most stubborn unsightly stains on your property. Everything from mildew on siding to corse graffiti on a brick wall. It will keep your property looking its best, increase your curb appeal, and ensure that your property is treated with the appropriate value.


But why not do it yourself? Surely you’ve seen pressure washers for as little as $60 at the local department store. Well, it’s certainly understandable to think that, but the cheap pressure washers you see for budget prices at a local store that also carries cheap clothes and giant boxes of candy bars isn’t the same kind of beast as the equipment a professional cleaner will have loaded in the back of their truck. A professional pressure washer will typically have higher pressure, a water heater, and even a chemical mixing system, all of which combined together will take on the most persistent of blemishes.


With our equipment, we go even further, using detergents that are stronger than you can buy in the store, while also being safer for your plants and pets. Chemicals are mixed in right before application of the water, ensuring the best results, and special additives ensure that those chemicals don’t enter your soil or poison your plants the way that more common brute force chemical additives might. This gives you the peace of mind that your property will look its best when we’re done while also keeping everyone safe and happy.


Also, safety with the equipment itself can be a concern. It may not seem like it, but a pressure washer is still capable of causing injury if you aren’t familiar with how it works. Even the cheap models can come with risks if they aren’t used appropriately. What’s more, cheap models made for personal use can carry a whole other set of problems because they simply aren’t made to be as durable as a professional machine. Chances are you may not be familiar enough with the equipment to identify repair and upkeep issues that could lead to safety problems if left unchecked, and they’re likely to break down if not cared for properly. Also consider the need for storage for the equipment when not used.


Your time is also worth consideration. You could either be spending your day outside trying to clean your property with a pressure washer you’ve bought or rented from a store, not to mention the time spent picking up the equipment and setting it up. This is all time that you could be spending on what you do best, your making your business grow and succeed. Or if you’re looking at home use, this is precious time you can spend relaxing with your family or working on other projects around the house. Instead, take the few minutes to call our experts, and let us take it from there.


Your time and your property are valuable. Get the best for both by working with professionals. Give us a call today!