Month of May Brings Mold and Mildew

Month of May Brings Mold & Mildew

April showers brought us May flowers, but it may have also welcomed in a nuisance that can cause destruction to your home’s pristine image.  While mold and algae take a considerable time to do irreparable damage to your home and deck, they will quickly spread and give your property an aged and poorly maintained appearance.

Humid weather creates a breeding ground for mold and algae alike.  Our 2018 summer has kicked off with a high number of humid days with eighty to ninety-degree temperatures.  The most desired conditions for mold and algae to flourish.

All exterior wood, whether it be decks, trim, sheds, fences, etc. are susceptible to damage and require proper maintenance and protection from the elements.  While mold is typically just an eyesore, it can ultimately destroy your exterior wood.  Mold appears when there has been excessive rain, humidity, and shade that prevents the rain, or even the morning dew from evaporating.  The mildew and mold thrive in those conditions and seep into the wood.  Initially this just creates discoloration on the deck that can be challenging to remove.  If continuously left untreated mold and mildew can create wood rot and threaten the structural integrity of your deck, fence, or other exterior wood.  Mold and mildew can also attract wood boring insects if the wood is left untreated, creating a greater cost of repair than simple maintenance would have afforded.

On the other hand, algae doesn’t necessarily threaten the quality of wood structures, but it is not pleasant to see and can take over quickly.  Algae also forms from as much moisture as a summer storm or as little as the morning dew depending on how limited the sunlight is on the surface.  Algae is a collection of microscopic plants that form on the wood’s surface.   It doesn’t typically consume the wood as mold would do.  However, because it spreads mercilessly, discolors, and can be incredibly slick, it is not a substance you want thriving on your property.  Algae is especially threatening on decks and walk ways where it becomes a liability if someone were to slip and injure themselves.  Thankfully, deck cleaning can help eliminate these nuisances.

Treat your home to a power clean this summer to prevent the spread of mold and algae.  Kings of Clean is ready and willing to help you treat the exterior of your home with power cleaning services.  Increase your curb appeal and save yourself money long term by exercising proper care and maintenance of your property.  Call us today at 513-806-9077 in Cincinnati.