Clean Your Deck Without Causing Damage

Clean Your Deck without Causing Damage

After a long, frigid Ohio winter your deck can get grimy and disgusting from dirt, fall foliage, snow and ice, dead bugs, mildew, and other natural nuisances. For spring and summer, you want and need a clean deck.  Before you break out the high pressure washer or call just any company to do the job for you, there are precautions that must be taken to protect your deck.

Clear the deck

Kings of Clean clears your deck of anything that is not bolted down so that those items are not damaged directly or by being flung against a your home.  This includes moving the patio furniture, rugs, planters, toys, barbecue grill, and any other deck items.

Inspect & repair

Snow and ice accumulation can lead to wood rot and other complications.  We will also carefully examine your deck planks, rails, and balusters for signs of wear and tear and make recommendations if repairs are needed.

Go with the grain

Before the deck gets wet, we will sweep off any loose dirt and debris.  Specifically, we sweep with the grain to avoid scratching the surface of your deck.

Pressure wash on low

While there are some parts of the home that can handle the full power of our pressure washers, decks aren't among them.  When we clean decks, we use a low-pressure setting to avoid splits, gouges or rip in the wood fiber.

Seal your deck

After a thorough cleaning, we recommend preserving your deck with a clear deck sealant.  The sealant will keep water out, preventing wood rot from occurring, and it will allow your natural deck color to shine through.

As you can see, there is more to cleaning a deck than just turning on a hose.  If you want the job done right, without the hassle, call Kings of Clean today.