Exterior Cleaning

We all want a shiny, sparkling exterior at our homes. It shows that we take pride and care in our homes and speaks well of the community.  Exterior cleaning using a power washer offers a way to achieve a great result without having to spend all of your weekend scrubbing.  A power washer uses a motor, pump, and nozzle to increase the water pressure by up to 80 times that of a standard hose, generating up to 4000 psi.  That’s a serious amount of power and for that reason, you should give serious consideration to whether you take this job on yourself or call in a power washing expert to help.  Here are some of the dangers of DIY pressure washing:

"You could put an eye out with that thing"

The risk of injury is by far the biggest danger for pressure washer DIY projects.  Pressure washing jets are an amazingly strong force and will instantly tear through most material they come into contact with, especially skin.  It’s estimated that over 6000 people each year end up in the hospital emergency room with injuries caused by pressure washers; the most common being punctures, lacerations, bruises, and eye injuries.  We hear a lot of injury horror stories here at Kings of Clean.

We know you want to keep your house looking great but an exterior cleaning project which ends with someone losing an eye is a tragedy.  Even though people are now very aware of the dangers of pressure washing, the casualties are not reducing.  These are powerful pieces of equipment that can leave an amateur wounded. Call in the professionals to help clean your home. Exterior cleaning jobs can then all be handled safely and efficiently by an insured veteran.

Damage to your Property

The second issue with carrying out your own DIY pressure washing project is that with the amount of power a pressure washer gives you, it’s very easy to do some inadvertent damage.  An example is the damage that a power washer can do to a garden or landscaping. Exterior cleaning issues such as these are common when people attempt to have a go themselves.  This can lead to repair costs, which far exceed the cost of bringing in a professional to carry out the pressure washing at your house.  Exterior cleaning projects are our specialty here at Kings of Clean.

A Job for the Experts

Considering the risk of injury and how easy it is to create substantial damage, we really believe that hiring a professional is the best way forward for all of your exterior cleaning needs.  Here at Kings of Clean, we have carried out residential and commercial cleaning jobs of all shapes and sizes.  We’re experienced at all kinds of gutter polishing, concrete cleaning, house washing and more and will be able to advise you on the best way to tackle your exterior cleaning job.  We have a trained staff using the most modern equipment. Call the Kings of Clean today!