Pressure Washing Your Concrete

Caring for your home or business is an investment, on the interior and exterior. Every home or business has exterior concrete surroundings like backyard patios, pool decking, walkways, driveways, sidewalks, and parking lots. Pressure washing your concrete can beautify the appearance of these structures accent and enhance the beauty of your home or business as well as increasing its value. Every owner desires to maximize their investment. Concrete surfaces that are maintained properly add curb appeal to any property. It is all about preventing and maintaining. Calling the professionals like Kings of Clean is the most affordable way and best plan to assist you in preventing and maintaining your concrete surroundings.


Concrete should be professionally cleaned annually however, there are few exceptions. If you have areas that are prone to showing damage, mold, or algae for example, should be done sooner. Don’t wait till it starts getting bad, it needs to be maintained to avoid bad situations and costly repairs. Once concrete surfaces begin to deteriorate, there is little that can be done to stop it. Concrete does not last forever however, you can get longer time and use out of your concrete driveway, sidewalk, walkways, pool decks, or patios by taking proper care and pressure washing your concrete. Over time, your driveway and other concrete surfaces can build up a large amount of oil, dirt and other debris.  If you have ever tried to clean off these areas with a water hose, you find it almost impossible because there is not enough pressure behind the hose.  This requires a pressure washer to remove this debris. Kings of Clean can help you. Concrete is usually in open areas and exposed to the elements and mother nature. Pressure washing can be done any season, however most people do this during the summer when algae is most visible.

During the summer months or warmer climates, oxidation from UV exposure can weaken the top coat causing erosion and/or flaking. Also, you can get puddles of water and when these wet areas are combined with warmth, they are perfect breeding grounds for algae. This slime will grow into microscopic cracks on the surface.

During the winter months or colder climates, the cycle of freezing then thawing with snow or ice, stresses the concrete causing cracking, flaking, spalling, or scaling. Freezing can cause water to get into the capillaries of concrete. This causes expansion of the concrete thereby creating pressure.  Cracks or holes in your concrete can cost thousands to fix. You will end up in time with some combination of black mold, mildew, green algae, dark gray areas, or weathered areas that will stand out. This area can become slippery causing falls, but will always be an eye sore. You can spend hours scrubbing and using different chemicals that can be dangerous and damaging to you concrete attempting to remove problems caused by weathering. It is wiser and more cost effective to call a professional that can complete this in one afternoon. Ask yourself, how valuable is your time?

Properly caring for your home’s concrete is an important property owner’s responsibility. You should want your outdoor concrete structures to hold up against mother nature, be maintenance friendly, clean and sanitized, as well as looking and feeling as good as it did in the beginning. When your professional technician from Kings of Clean is finished, your home or business has instantly improved its curb appeal, increased the value of your property, but most importantly, preventing damage from dirt and algae that could have cost you thousands to repair. Call Kings of Clean today, don’t wait for the damage to start.