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Protect the Roof Over Your Head

Cincinnati experiences weather from one end of the spectrum to the other - sunshine, rain, wind, and professional roof cleaning can save you the heavy expense of having your roof replaced due to damage and deterioration.

Signs Your Roof Needs Cleaned

  1. Those black streaks on your roof are not dirt; they are algae. Algae deteriorate your shingles thus decreasing the life of your roof.
  2. Have those piles of leaves on the roof been in the same place for weeks? Bogged-down leaves trap moisture stimulating mold and algae growth. This growth deteriorates your shingles and the fasteners that hold the shingles in place. Without proper roof cleaning, the chances of cracked shingles, leaks, and missing shingles increases.
  3. Visible stains on the roof that may extend down the gutters or even the sides of the house are signs your roof needs cleaning. This could be dirt, moss, algae, or mold.


Why You Need a Professional

When wet, roofs become steep and slippery. If you do not have experience cleaning roofs, do not attempt to clean your own. This could result in serious bodily injury. In addition, if you do not know how to clean the roof you are likely to cause damage to the roof. The proper cleaning chemicals are required as well as the proper cleaning tools. Scrubbing your shingles with a scrub brush may clean them, but it will likely scrub the granules off the shingles. High pressure power washing your roof is not the answer either. The force of the water can actually blow the shingles off your roof, causing further damage. Save time, stay safe, and protect your roof by calling the Kings of Clean for your Cincinnati roof cleaning needs. Neglecting to have your roof cleaned will lead to faster wear and tear of your roof’s materials. This wear and tear leads to prematurely replacing your roof. Kings of Clean will clean your roof of all organic matter, including algae, moss, fungus, and mold, using their custom blend of safe anti-microbial cleaning solution to effectively eliminate the cause. They also offer a two-year prorated warranty.  Protect the roof that is protecting you.