Wondering what those black streaks on your roof are?

Roof Cleaning is a need that often goes by without notice. Actually most of the time your neighbor will notice that you need a roof cleaning before you do. A lot of times it looks so bad that they might be willing to pay for it. Those black streaks are actually algae. Not only does it make your roof look dirty, but it has also been proven to deteriorate your shingles, decreasing the life of your roof. It usually starts on the north side of the house and the spores eventually work their way over to the other side. Then the rain goes to work to spread the algae down the roof and into the gutters giving the appearance of black streaks as they spread. A residential roof cleaning is the the solution for that problem.

However, Kings of Clean can take care of that for you. We can clean your roof of all organic matter (algae, moss, fungus, mold etc…) using our custom blend of safe anti-microbial cleaning solution to effectively eliminate the cause for at least two years*. Go online or give us a call for an instant quote roof cleaning. You won't believe what a difference a roof cleaning will do to improve the overall look of your home! Your neighbors will love you again! As a matter of fact, they will probably come looking for our name so we might be able to spruce up the roofs of your whole neighborhood.

*Two-year prorated warranty