Preparing for Spring? Pressure Wash Your Home

Even though this winter has been milder than most, your deck and home exterior has likely seen better days. Along with spring cleaning, many people will clean up their yards and outdoor spaces as well. When it's finally warm enough to appreciate your outdoor deck and backyard, you won't want to wait until it looks acceptable to have company over.

Instead of looking longingly at your deck, dreaming of backyard barbecues, act now and prepare your exterior for springtime.

Here are five things that you absolutely need to do before warm weather hits.

    1. Pressure wash your deck thoroughly
      This means picking up any debris as well as pressure washing the deck's surface. Deck cleaning companies can help you with this and may come in handy, especially for heard-to-remove, heavily caked on mud.
    2. Pressure wash your siding
      Combinations of snow, rain, and wind can cover your siding in a layer of grime that will be extremely noticeable come springtime. Show your siding some TLC and give it a good washing to improve your home's curb-appeal.
    3. Clean out your gutters
      After a long season of being filled with snow and ice, you've probably forgotten about your gutters. Gutter cleaning is especially important following a long winter when moisture and debris accumulate. Not doing so is not only unsightly, but also dangerous. When organic material builds up in gutters, they are more likely to collapse from being too heavy. Clogged gutters, in fact, are the number one cause of basement leaks. When the moisture accumulates around your foundation, a leak could happen at any time.Failing to clean your gutters also gives birds and insects material to nest in, which can also be problematic and dangerous.
    4. Stain your deck
      It's likely that the finish of your deck will be looking a little lackluster, even after cleaning it. Restain your deck to give it a fresh look that you'd be proud to show off. Then you might want to seal your deck for years of protection.
    5. Inspect your driveway
      Bumps and cracks in your driveway can happen easily over the winter, especially if your driveway has been plowed. Oftentimes these plows can tear up driveways, which can be dangerous for vehicles. Have your driveway sealed ASAP to avoid any mishaps.

Of course, you can't do all of this alone. Whether you need deck cleaning or driveway sealing services or something in between, call the Kings of Clean for a professional, thorough service that'll have your home looking as good as new.