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Protect Your Driveway from 3 Winter Hazards

Protect Your Driveway From These 3 Winter Weather Hazards

Driveway maintenance can be a pain no matter what time of year it is, but it can be especially difficult in the winter. Snow, ice, and other winter hazards can really take their toll on your nice cement or asphalt surface. Yet, keeping your driveway smooth and sturdy is extremely important for your safety, the […]

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4 Tips for Power Washing Concrete Sidewalks

Four tipsfor power washing sidewalks Dirty sidewalks can be really irritating. They can be awful to look at and even cause accidental injuries when slippery mold or mildew is present.  Both home and business owners have an obligation to keep their sidewalks clean. In some States, local governments have actually started issuing fines to get […]

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10 Pressure Washing Safety Tips

10 Power Washing Safety Tips

Most people don’t realize it, but pressure washing equipment can cause serious injury. A pressure washer’s powerful spray can cause skin lacerations, bruises, or punctures. It can also cause eye damage, sometimes as serious as blindness. Should you be using a pressure washer, it’s important that you use the following ten power washing safety tips: Read […]

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What is Commercial Concrete Cleaning

Commercial Concrete Cleaning

If you walk onto a business property and the sidewalk is stained or covered with mildew or bubblegum, you tend to make an impression of that business. So do your customers. Your driveways and sidewalks may be the first impression that you have of a company so make a good one with a commercial concrete cleaning […]

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Why Pressure Washing is for the Professionals

Why Pressure Washing Is for the Professionals

Why Pressure Washing Is for the Professionals If you live in Cincinnati, you may have just noticed the exterior appearance of your house looks dreadful. It’s dirty and stained, with green, mossy plants (that are not the result of your green thumb) growing on it. That green, mossy stuff is actually algae and mold, and […]

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The 5 W's of Driveway Sealing

The 5 Ws of Driveway Sealing

If you’re a new homeowner, you may wonder what the deal is with driveway sealing. You may have heard conflicting advice from home maintenance professionals about whether sealing your driveway is useful, and you might wonder if it’s really a worthwhile investment of your time and money, when there are likely other issues around your […]

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4 Reasons You Need to Inspect and Clean Your Roof

4 Reasons You Need to Inspect and Clean Your Roof Today

Roof Cleaning is often the most neglected task of the home. It’s not something you interact with or even look at every day, so it is too easy to overlook problems when they arise. Unfortunately, minor issues become major complications quickly, and a problem with your roof can mean trouble for every other part of your […]

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Tips for Effective Driveway Cleaning

Tips for Effective Driveway Cleaning

If you are concerned about the image of your home, your driveway and sidewalk is the first impression. To be sure your driveway cleaning is performed properly, contact your local driveway cleaning service. If you prefer to do it yourself, here are some tips for effective driveway cleaning. Getting rid of grease spots The best […]

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5 Tips for Preventing Deck Mold

Tips for Preventing Deck Mold

There might be something living in your home. Somewhere in a dark corner, maybe in your basement, or hidden in the crawlspace beneath your roof, there’s something growing and spreading itself through the quiet and unseen places right where you live. It’s mold. Studies have shown that mold may be present in as much as […]

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