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Clean the Pollen from Your Home

Clean the Pollen from your Home

Pollen can get into the smallest of spaces and cause homeowners quite some grief when it comes to cleaning.  By maintaining a pollen free home, your space will be more aesthetically pleasing and healthier for you and your loved ones.   What can it really do?   Having a window open on a nice day […]

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Slip & Fall Prevention

Why Should I Pressure Wash My Deck?

Why Should I Pressure Wash My Deck? Slip and Fall Prevention. Slipping and sliding across your deck may seem like fun, but for those of us who tend to fall… well, it isn’t.  Wet, grimey surfaces are a hazard and, in some cases, a lawsuit waiting to happen.   The best way to protect your deck, […]

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Do It Yourself? Really?

Do it Yourself? Really?

Do it Yourself? Really? The first thing many people think of when they need their gutters, house, or sidewalks power cleaned is to run to the local box store and rent a high pressure washer. These commercially rented washers certainly will strip away the dirt from your homes. But have you considered the damage that […]

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easy way to clean concrete driveway

Concrete Cleaning by Kings of Clean

We have another of a series of short videos we’ve done to show you the kind of work we can do. We know that not everyone has the ability to watch videos though, so here’s transcript of our video on concrete washing.  (You can also see the video here.) We’re here at a rental property, […]

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Is Pressure Washing Environmentally Friendly?

Is Power Washing Eco Friendly?

  So you’ve been looking at your home, and the unsightly mildew on the walls combined with the subdued color covered in dust has finally gotten to you. You’ve finally made the decision to get it cleaned.The next question you’ve had to make is how. You may be looking at getting a professional power washing […]

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Pressure Washing Your Playground

Pressure Washing Your Playground

Pressure Washing Your Playground Playground structures are no longer isolated to public parks or school playgrounds. Today, parents are investing in recreational equipment for their children right in their own backyards.  These structures can be very costly. They can range from the simplest swing set or a complex clubhouse that any child would love. While […]

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How Often Should I Pressure Wash?

How Often Should I Pressure Wash the Outside of My Home?

There are several things to consider when determining how often you should schedule a pressure washing for your home. One main consideration is the environment you live in: If you live in a dry and cold environment, you should have pressure washing done biannually. If you live in a humid area, you should schedule more […]

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Several Types of Deck Stains

Understanding Types of Deck Stains

Staining is one of the best ways to not only improve the curb appeal of your deck, but also ensure it has a long and useful life. However, for many homeowners, choosing a stain isn’t as simple as they might expect beforehand. There are a number of factors that can go into choosing a particular […]

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Sell Your Home in Winter

So You Need to Sell Your Home in the Winter

In a perfect world, we’d all be able to choose to sell our house at the most optimum time. When the weather is perfect, the yard is healthy, and everything is in perfect repair. Even if we weren’t in that perfect world, it would be lovely if we could at least always time the selling […]

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House Washing

House Washing by Kings of Clean

Here’s another in a series of videos we’ve done to show you the work we can do for you. Again, we know not everyone is able to watch these videos, so we’ve also provided you the text here to describe what you’d see.   I’m Grant with Kings of Clean. We want to be able […]

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