A Beginner's Guide to Power Washing Your Roof

A Beginner's Guide to Power Washing Your Roof 

Living in the Cincinnati, Ohio area, you have probably picked up on the fact that you need to complete power washing and roof cleaning on your property on a regular basis. Cincinnati has many seasons that bring about pests to your roof. Pollen and foliage debris can land on your roof and cause damage after a certain amount of time. Winter is notorious for whipping sand and salt mixtures onto siding and roofs. A beginner's guide to power washing your roof will inform you of all the tidbits on roof cleaning that you need to know as a novice.

Have it professionally done

If you are new to power washing your home's roof, you may want to consider having it professionally done. There is a lot that goes into power washing a home, and it is especially critical when pressure washing the roof. Shingles, flashing, and other roofing material can become dislodged if you have never power washed a roof before. If you have questions, do not hesitate to call a Cincinnati power washing or roofing company to have your questions answered by a professional.

Use low-level pressure

An important tidbit for a newbie when attempting to power wash the roof for the first time is to use low pressure. A power washer has very high-pressure water coming out of it. If you have the wrong setting selected on the machine or the wrong tip on the device, you can severely damage your roof causing water leaks and hundreds to thousands of dollars in damage that insurance may or may not pay for. You may also damage the painting on your home.  Be sure to check with your homeowner's policy to make sure pressure washing the home's roof and any damage sustained from this activity is covered under your plan.

Readily available equipment/assistant

It is always a great suggestion to have a handyman or an assistant to help you accomplish power washing the roof. Just like you need a hand with cleaning of the gutters, painting, HVAC maintenance, chimney repair, or remodeling, an assistant can grab any tool you need, hold the ladder while you climb it, give directions, and any other task you need them to complete. It is also imperative to have all the equipment you will be using to perform roof cleaning readily available, including the power washer itself, a ladder, gloves, a hose, and any other materials you find essential in completing the job.

Verify if you are afraid of heights

Are you scared of heights? Do you know if you are afraid of heights? Getting on the top of a residential or commercial roof when you do not know if you are afraid of heights can be dangerous. The last thing you need is to be on the top rung of the ladder while trying to maneuver onto the roof and have a panic attack, dizziness, or breathing difficulties hit you. Verify that you do not have a fear of heights before climbing the ladder.

Check your warranty

If you have recently purchased a new home, make sure to check with your builder as new roofs have warranties on them for many years. If you pressure wash the roof and there are specific terms from the manufacturer in what kind of repairs/maintenance can be performed on the roof, you might unknowingly void your new home's roofing warranty. As you can see, there are a variety of essential items to know when starting out as a beginner performing power washing and roof cleaning. Whether you do the work yourself or have it professionally done, your roof will thank you. If you follow our advice on a beginner's guide to pressure washing your roof, you will have a damage-free, sturdy roof that will last for years to come!