Roof Cleaning Matters

With the abnormally high amount of rain we’ve been getting this summer, your roof has been subjected to a serious amount of punishment. When it’s not getting pounding rain, it’s getting hot and humid days. All of this leads to not only obvious risks of storm damage, but also a high risk for mold damage. Mold damage on your roof isn’t as immediate or dramatic as the damage that high winds and rain can cause, but it can still leave a lasting mark on your roof.

To begin with, mold on your roof is unsightly. It will start as dark patches which may not be immediately noticeable. You’ll assume your roof is taking longer than usual to dry or perhaps there’s shadows being cast by clouds you didn’t notice. But over time, these patches will spread and the color will deepen. It will steadily become clear that something more nefarious is going on. The ugly patches will slowly cover more and more of your roof, becoming an unsightly blight on your home. By now however, that will be the least of your worries.

This slowly spreading mold or algae is a collection of living growth. They reach into the organic material that makes up your roof shingles to get their needed nutrition, while relying on the stagnant rainfall left on your roof from summer storms serves as their water source. As they digest this organic material, your roof shingles slowly but surely break down. UV damage from the summer sun and wind damage further exacerbate this damage. Rarely do your shingles last long enough for the mold to break them down alone, but the mold leave your shingles more susceptible to these other kinds of damage.

All is not lost, though. Regular roof washing cuts this mold growth off before it can spread. As you’ve noticed from its persistence even in the face of rainstorms, it’s not just about spraying your roof down with water. Professional roof washers use high pressure and high temperature water mixed with washing solution to ensure the mold and algae is completely washed away, along with the debris that accumulates after summer storms that allows for mold and algae growth to begin again. Roof washing isn’t just about the cosmetic improvement of your home, removing the unsightly blemishes of stains, but about lengthening the lifetime of your roof, preventing the long term damage that mold and algae growth can cause.